A Woman of Means Wakes Up

A Woman of Means is a title that came to me two years ago shortly after finding World Financial Group and choosing to change my relationship with finances.  However, as time passed I saw that it meant so much more than a twitter handle that my hotel employer wouldn't understand.  It was my key to freedom ad my path back to myself.

The word 'means' is defined as    1. (functioning as singular or plural) the medium, method, or instrument used to obtain a result or achieve an end: a means of communication. (www.thefreedictionary.com/means)

The word is rarely used today as it once was, which was as a synonym for money or wealth.  It appeals to me because I have attained many 'means' in my lifetime, whereas money has been a struggle for me until recently.

We most commonly hear 'a means to an end' as a turn of phrase with a Machiavellian connotation, but the phrase could just as easily refer to positive methods of achieving one's goals.

It is to this purpose which inspires me to launch this blog.  I would like to share the means by which I've come to my own successes in life while helping others achieve their own goals.

A Woman of Means is moving out of mind and into the world.

May we all find guidance, humor and success herein.