Focus and Determination

Very little gets accomplished in life without focus and determination.  While watching nature I am struck by the fact that every living thing seems to move with a purpose through its life.  Weeds grow proudly through cement.  Dogs and children exhibit moments of such perfect concentration that I feel lacking.

What happened to my focus and determination?  Have you ever wondered for yourself?  What would I do if I knew instinctively what every next move should be?  But I am, at best, distracted by all things.  My focus seems to be forever split or quadrupled.  And this is the problem I have had in the past with consistent blogging or journaling.  In the past 5 years I have often sat staring at the screen focusing on any possible obstacle to my writing, rather than pulling up a subject and diving in.

To that end I am challenging myself to write daily on a topic that I will devise upon waking and will not sleep until I have posted about the topic.  I will do this for 88 days.

If I am determined to write daily I have the chance of forming a much needed habit.  Wish me well!