Living in LA gives one a new perspective on rain.  It is probably because the denizens of this city aren't accustomed to paying attention to nature.  Appointments are canceled and dinners rescheduled, rather like the 'snow days' I grew up with in the Carolinas.  Schools and Businesses close while the northern states laugh.  As southerners we knew that going out in the snow just didn't make sense - no one would be clearing the roads because it was likely to melt in 24 hours - or 3 or 4.

The rest of the country has a good laugh at Los Angelenos' response to rain as well, but I have learned that, in fact, the roads are dangerous in the rain.  Sometimes it just isn't worth it to venture out.  Most likely because most people here shouldn't drive on wet roads with impaired vision.  (They run the chance of dropping their cellphones.)

If you're wondering if my meteorological ramblings are going anywhere, the answer is - I hope so!

Rainy Days in LA force us to SLOW DOWN.  When we are forced to slow down we have the opportunity to take stock.  But do we take it?  Today I'm taking stock of the things I'd like to clear out, not out of my closet, but out of my brain and my heart.

I'm not sure what to do with the things I find yet, but the first step has to be to identify them.  Have you done a recent inventory of your thoughts and feelings?  Do they all serve you?  Or are you spending valuable time rehashing and reliving past experiences?  Care to join me?

My hope when we finish this exercise is to make more space and time for the things with which we want to fill our heads and hearts.

After all, the best thing about a rainy day in LA is what it does to the sky the day after.  The laden air becomes clear and you feel as though you were starring in an MGM musical - sweeping sets and all.

Then again, I often feel like I'm starring in an MGM musical. You?