Image Problem

I  have heard the words 'Image Problem' many times in the past.   Maybe that's because I live in Los Angeles where 'images' are the heart and sole of the industry that birthed this city.

Not being a celebrity I have never given the term much thought, but this morning something crystallized for me.  I might just have an image problem and am wondering how many of us do.

I'm not talking about an image problem where millions of theatre going fans think you are a horrible person because you scowl at TMZ.  I'm talking about how we see ourselves.

Often I will wake up with a destructive diatribe in my head.   Maybe some of you can relate?  It's the voice that makes it though to get out of bed... For me these days it's stuff like "What are you doing with your life?" "Why haven't you accomplished more in the 8 months since you left your successful, well-paying job.?"  "What's wrong with you?"  "And while we're at it....what is up with you eating all that chocolate yesterday?"  "How weak can you be?"

As I turned to the usual techniques for silencing this voice (I am happy to share if others have need of them) the words 'You have an Image Problem' made their way above the din.

This voice,  the one I have finally learned to discern above the constant chatter,  went on to say 'If only you could see yourself as others see you.'

As I started to argue the common meaning of the term with the voice I heard a command. ...'get up and write'!

So here I am, writing my first blog post for 2015 with a promise.  (Shunning the word resolution)

This year I am going to address my image problem. 

Is anyone else ready to accept the praise and support of friends (and even perfect strangers) as our image reality?  How about being ready to kick that critical voice to the curb and seek out reminders of the kind words people have offered?

If I get a few shouts and likes on this one I will be sure to post more on what I'm doing to I clean up my image this year:-)