Ode to Words

I love words
I love words that whimper
I love words that scream

I love words that come roaring up from the darkest places to air themselves in the sun.

I love words that make me cry and words that make me run.

I love words that are infinite and unintelligible and wrap their meanings  around your core until they become you.

I love the words that lovers speak.
I love the words of hate.

I love dark words, light words, purple words and orange words.
I love words only dogs and cats and birds and monkeys speak and I race them around in my head trying to make sense.

I love the words of art and politics and anger and righteousness and I love the words of peace and unity and commune and god.

I love that we have words and I love that we use them.

Words fill me up until I can do nothing but spill them out onto the pavement clattering into the bucket of the internet...where You just found them.

Can't wait to see what happens next.