Feminine Power

What is 'feminine power'?  Well, let's be honest, who knows?  Who can even venture a guess without being shouted down by any number of people who are religiously invested in their own concept of the term?

I'm opening the dialogue with this post by sharing a few of my own (non-religiously invested) thoughts informed loosely by some archetypal views on the subject.

Feminine power is dark and non-linear.  
Feminine power is relational and connective.
Feminine power is intuitive and trusting.
Feminine power is flowing and tidal.

She moves with the galloping horse or shifting earth; gently guiding herself to respond and negotiate the path ahead.  She leads others without asking for their allegiance because she is entirely invested in their needs.  Her power is love and her nemesis is loving herself first.

It's a man's world, as the song says.
It is bright and linear
It is compartmentalized and self-sufficient
It is intellectual and analyzing
It is organized and solid

Her response to this world is adaptive, which is why this world of his, called civilization, has thrived...until now...

This world has been ill for some time and the corrections have already manifested.  Corporate leaders are taking courses in vulnerability and intuition.  They are learning that the keys to leadership are relational and that relationships are powered by love.  Millennials are demanding to be loved and refusing to be 'sold' or 'directed' or told that 'the world doesn't work that way'.

And the generation after them is taking it further.

Now women are stepping forward to say 'Hey!  I got this!  This is what we DO!'   

(Full Disclosure: The last line was written in the negative at first.  Women do not seem to know that they are what the world needs more of.  We are so focused on equality and not being 'as bad as the men were' that we shun comparisons and attempt to teach instead of lead.  I chose to rewrite the line as an affirmation of the work I will do with A Woman of Means - alongside many other development courses.)