LameBrain Refrain

I want to have a chat with the part of my brain
that wants to be lame and pull me into insane
wastes of time losing my mind in worlds that aren't mine.

I know fantasy is a part of me
a shining place where I will always see the best of me and probably
where I will pull the story the fills the world with glory,
but, brain . . . you sure have a funny way of
taking me from creation into a nation of
lost time
lost rhyme
lost minds

So I'm telling you now, I don't know how, but I will not be brought down
by your distract your tactics your practice again of
keeping the words inside where they reside and hide
and fall away for another writer to find.

There's another voice inside of me.
Expect to hear the Sane brain speak up!
I give her permission to speak to you when you brew up
A scheme to postpone my dreams and make me want to scream that

THAT voice will challenge you thus . . .

How do we Break Though when we stare at the phone?
How do we Break Through if we sit home alone?
How do we Break Through while we're watching TV?

Look . . .If it's not about Break Through you won't talk to me!

Not this year you won't - Not this decade - hell no!

I suggest you clear your mess and go
Or get on board
And motivate us
To create us
A heaping plate of