What is Truth?

In the debates of ideology in the media (social and otherwise) after this surge of terror attacks, I find myself in awe of righteous speakers who are certain they have a grasp on the Truth.  I can only believe that the moment I latch on to thinking something in these debates is 'True' I see another perspective that changes the nature of the truth I thought I knew.

So today I wonder . . . 


Truth is the story we tell.  (So why does 'telling a story' mean to LIE?)

Truth is multi-faceted and tangled.  I can pull one strand of the Truth out and create a lie.

Truth is confused with Dogma.  And they are terrible bedfellows.

Truth is both light and dark and all the spaces in-between, not to mention mercurial in nature.

Truth is what we all long for when we look for love.

Truth is what we hide as soon as we find love.

Truth is fact, but facts don't always equal Truth.

Truth is kind, cruel, friendly, angry, stark, fulfilling, terrifying and the purest of comforts.

But, mostly, Truth is a pursuit, a journey, a commitment, a promise and it is . . . 

The face in the mirror.

Dark Part of the Day

This is the dark part of the day.
Where light is only seen and arrows of remembered failure are set around your heart.

This is the dark part of the day.
Where all you know is trumped by what you feel and all you feel is fault.

This is the dark part of the day.
Where others work and give their talents to the world and you are stifled by fear.

This is the dark part of the day, so,


It will pass.

And the light will warm you slowly.
As the blessings that surround you  rise.

Yes, one more hour of failure
But not one day, or week, or year.

This is the dark and it is good.
It says you are allowed to feel.
It cries out your inconvenient sorrows;
The ones you never knew,
The ones you rationalize away,
The ones you stuff with food.

This is the dark part of the day and it is good, but it isn't where you live.