Spiritual not Religious

Spirituality seems to be somewhere hardwired into us. Studies have shown that having faith in something beyond oneself has reduced stress, lengthened lives and made people generally happier. Religion, however, has failed to keep up with our human need for spirituality by creating unnecessary barriers to access of the divine. By this I mean that religion, for an increasing number of people, has become an impediment to the search for spirituality that is part of human existence.

This is why I work to achieve spiritual experience using the tools, phrases, images and traditions of organized religion without imposing religious dogma. Make no mistake, I love religion - it is usually the most interesting and powerful expression of any culture. Religion is responsible for the world's finest art, music and theater. Sadly, it is also responsible for the world's greatest discord, hatred and war.

My heart's work is to help others connect with spirituality in group settings without feeling judgment, shame or discord.