Ceremony Packages

Welcome to the nitty-gritty! Let's see if I'm in your budget:) The following packages are offered in the greater Los Angeles area within a 15 mile (30 min) radius of Beverly Hills without additional travel fees.  Travel fees range from $50-$75 depending on location.  Any locations requiring 2 (plus) hours of driving require hotel accommodations and per diem of $100. 


Basic, but Beautiful

If you like my wedding ceremony as written, then this is for you! We will have one meeting by Skype or FaceTime in order to get to know one another and discuss simple add-ons (such as readings by friends; candle or sand ritual, etc) and I will meet you on your wedding day to get you hitched! - $500  (Rehearsal add-on is $75)


Make it Ours

For the couple who has a sense of what they want in the ceremony, but need some guidance and minimal original scripting, this package is for you,  We will start with a phone meeting discussing your backgrounds and beliefs, as well as those of your expected attendees.  E.B. will put together a a ceremony that includes mostly existing rituals and scripts and we will meet again to discuss.  From there we will work mostly by email to make it perfect,  Rehearsal is included in this package.  - $750


Fairy Tale

This package is for the couple who wants the ceremony to be fully customized.  Perfect for inter-faith weddings and weddings where the couple is deeply spiritual, but not subscribed to an organized religion.  This package includes up to 5 meetings and a custom script that can include the story of their relationship. Rehearsal and ceremony reading (which is a written story of the omens observed leading to and during the ceremony.) are included. - $1500